Thursday, 20 September 2012

Judge Jamie Tabor

Judge Jamie Tabor
Judge Jamie Tabor  is guilty of the following crimes against the True British People.

Count 1
In that he on or around January 2009 did allow a robber Liam Perks 20 to walk free from court here

Count 2
In that he on or around July 2012 did give Mark Hook (Safari Boy) 35 a lenient sentence of 18 months here 

Count 3
In that he on or around August 2012 did give former soldier Simon Parkes 45 an unduly severe sentence of 4 months for placing a pigs head on a mosque here

Judge Tabor is free on the People's Bail until a date can be arranged for his trial, although he should note that in the event of a guilty conviction being found against him then a long prison sentence will be inevitable along with confiscation of all his assets which will be handed over to Simon Parkes as compensation for his imprisonment.


Anonymous said...

Can we have addresses as well

Anonymous said...

What a good idea

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we can't do that as it would leave us open to possible 'incitement' allegations.