Thursday, 20 September 2012

Judge Howard Riddle

Judge Howard Riddle
Judge Howard Riddle  is guilty of the following crimes against the people.

Count 1
In that he on or around December 2010 did allow an American Paedophile Shawn Sullivan 43 leave to remain in the UK.  Details of crime  here

Count 2
In that he did, on or around March 2011 allow Emdadur Choudhury 26 to get away with a £50 fine for burning a poppy here thus disrepecting the memory of every single British Fallen Soldier.

Judge Riddle is free on the People's Bail until a date can be arranged for his trial, although he should note that in the event of a guilty conviction being found against him then a long prison sentence will be inevitable.

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Anonymous said...

this picture looks more like the lord chief justice - LJ Judge