Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Judge Carol Hagen

Judge Carol Hagen

Judge Carol Hagen is an unrepentant serial offender and is charged with numerous offences that have endangered the British Public and made a mockery of the Law she is paid a fortune to uphold.  Below are just a few of the charges against her.

Count 1.

Ignored sentencing guidelines and let free Karmal Mustafa who had defrauded £38,856 from the British People whilst working, in order to fund a lavish lifestyle with one home in Somalia and one in Bristol.

Count 2.

Did enable rape suspect Iranian Zamani to flee country by releasing him on bail.  The young university student who was raped has since attempted suicide.  Should she succeed, then the charge against Hagen will be upgraded to manslaughter.


Anonymous said...

This judge should not even be allowed to sit on a park bench.

Anonymous said...

The whole "justice" system is rotten to it's core.

Anonymous said...

The Judicial system is very corrupt and dishonest.

peterws said...

She failed to jail some serial offender a short while ago, who went on to murder a young woman. She needs her head off her shoulders forthwith. Madame Guillotine, please step forward