Monday, 15 October 2012

Judge Elizabeth Fisher

Judge Elizabeth Fisher - Birmingham's "Softest" Judge

Judge Elizabeth Fisher  is guilty of the following crimes against the True British People and British Citizens.

Count 1
In that in October 2012 she did fail to her duty by releasing back into the community one Kehren Sajid who had been found guilty of assaulting babies and young children.

 Count 2
Previous cases where Judge Fisher failed to provide long term protection for the British People.

 A robbery and sexual assault described by High Court judges as “every homeowner’s nightmare: two women in the sanctuary of their home defenceless against violent men”.

Daniel Gordon, one of the defendants, attacked a woman in a bungalow in Birmingham and sexually assaulted her in August 2008.

Fisher described the offences as being “horrific”, but sentenced Gordon, 22, to just four years.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the punishment was “wholly inadequate” and “should not have been less than 10 years”.

 A child sex offender from Birmingham was jailed by Judge Fisher for six years for rape, attempted rape and indecent assault. The Appeal Court increased the sentence to eight years.

Six drug dealers who had been selling heroin in Birmingham were given unduly lenient terms, according to the Court of Appeal.

Judge Fisher had sentenced the ringleaders to five years, but this was increased to eight. Four accomplices also had their sentences lengthened.

Other Evidence shows  Judge Fisher to be the former British city of Birmingham;s softest Judge.


Anonymous said...

Useless woman.

X said...

Just found your blog so haven't had time to trawl through yet, do you publish all available contact details for these sordid collection of people? Emails, mobile numbers, home addresses et cetera?

Anonymous said...

@ X

Hi X,

Sorry but we don't do that as they would have us on 'incitement' or some other charge.